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Birthdate:Jan 3
Iam a 19 years old female Egyptian girl who likes reading , watching TV , playing fb games , listening to music .
and my favorite colors are { black ,red ,yellow and green }.

my favorite TV characters are xander Harris from Btvs and spike who are also from Btvs and my favorite anime is yugioh i adore majority of characters in it .

I also write poetry but sometimes i get too lazy to bother writing it .and i LOVE reading slash and my most favorites fandoms are

" Glee , BTVS, Ats, yugioh , fantastic 4 ,dukes of hazzard , The chronicles of riddick ,x-men evolution "

Btvs crossovers {{SLASH}}
2-Anita blake
3-harry potter
4-fantastic 4
5-x-men evolution
6-The chronicles of riddick

as for my favorite paring are in {{SLASH}}

angel/Doyle , angel/spike , angel/xander , angel/Wesley, angel/Lindsey , spike/xander , xander/Andrew , xander/Giles , xander/Wesley , xander/Lindsey .

as for my favorite paring are in {{HET}}

angel/Cordy , xander/faith ,xander/willow , spike/dawn.

thought in the couple of months i became interested in reading a real person fandoms
and i found it quite good actually .
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